Since its inception in 1998 in Kuwait, Project Management International Systems (PMIS) has gained a reputation for providing the highest level of professional Project Management services in Kuwait and the Middle East. Since then, through innovation, earning the highest respect from an impressive roster of clients and entering into several important strategic alliances, the firm has been propelled into the international marketplace. Proof of our abilities can be seen from the fact that the firm has successfully completed 54 Stand-Alone projects as well as managing a portfolio of 35 projects at MOI and 43 projects at Kuwait Fund in different phases. Additionally, PMIS has performed Tenant Fit Out services on 35 shops all while growing at a rate of 20%. We continue to grow and now operates in Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt and the Arab Republic of Syria.

Today, our firm is proud to be considered one of the most prominent and most successful Project Management firms in the Kuwait. This expertise and deep understanding of local and regional conditions ensure that our clients realize projects that are not only completed on time and within budget, but also function in a professional manner.

PMIS offers and full spectrum of professional services that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. In addition, we provide value Engineering, cost estimating services and claim prevention systems.

Our firm is no stranger to challenges as we have always welcomed it as the motivation for progress. Pushing back frontiers, both literally and metaphorically, has long been a part of our philosophy and our strategy. PMIS is unique because we respond to our client’s desires positively, yet realistically. Service excellence starts with earning our client’s respect. We do this through our honesty, integrity and our ability to keep our word and deliver exceptional services. We deliver what we promise, therefore, Clients often challenge us with the more difficult projects because they know we can deliver. Earning and upholding that trust is our culture, our reputation and our future.