Pre-design management establishes organization procedures, goals of the building program and definition of scope. It also will produce the project base line budget and the project master schedule. During the effort, working capital requirements are identified for the planning, design and construction phases of the project.  A management plan is developed and technical input is provided to produce sensitivity analyses and graphics for modeling the construction budget, schedule and rate of return. Top architects and engineers are identified and a Terms of Reference and selection of jury, if required, are prepared.


To realize the maximum opportunities to ensure quality and cost and time savings during the very early phases of the project life cycle

Scope of Services

To avoid these cost increases, We offer the following services:

  • Development of Program Definition and Enhancement
  • Drafting of Agreements and Contracts
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Recommendation for Selection of Site
  • Preparation of Cost Estimating & Budget Allocation
  • Preparation of Master Schedule
  • Preparation of Financing Analyses
  • Evaluation of Architecture & Engineering Firms
  • Evaluation and Coordination of Design Proposals
  • Evaluation and Coordination of Design Competitions
  • Recommendation for Selection of Design Firm
  • Development of Computer Modeling