To better plan and control a complex project, it has to be divided into smaller yet integrated parts that become easier to plan, monitor and control.  Better control of the whole is achieved through control of the components, which are referred to as work packages, activities or tasks. Project Control Systems (PCS) allow project managers to set initial plans and objectives, while allowing them to consequently monitor and control plans and objectives.


PCS applies a verification process that compares plans against actual accomplishments during each phase of the project cycle. Reports that delineate deviations are generated which allow management to identify causes and react accordingly and to make forecasts such as fiscal requirements and projected progress or completions.

Scope of Services

Our sophisticated Project Control Systems provide the following invaluable reporting components to assist the project manager:

Time/Resource Control

  • Milestones Achievement Tracer
  • Summary Master Schedule
  • Project’s Delivery Critical Paths
  • Project Progress S-Curve
  • Look Ahead Schedules
  • Cost Loaded Payment Valuation Report
  • Resource Management
  • Procurement Management

Cost Control

  • Project Buy-Out Report
  • Contracts and Purchase Orders Control Report
  • Payment Requisition Log

Contract Control

  • Over Due Submittal Log
  • Trace Issue Report
  • Ball In Court Report
  • Pending Requests and Changes
  • Punch List by Contractor
  • Bonds and Insurance Log