Project Management International Systems (PMIS)

Project Management International Systems – PMIS is an international PM/CM Consultancy Company offering solutions to public and private sector clients implementing capital projects and programs. Proof of our abilities is seen through the successful completion of several projects whilst growing at an average rate of 15% annually. PMIS continues to grow and now operates in Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon, and expanding in other countries. PMIS’s expertise and deep understanding of local and regional conditions ensure that our Clients realize projects within the time and budget requirements, and function in a professional manner.


To establish and develop a precise set of standards and procedures that define, manage, and control all project constraints thought processes that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, staying flexible to achieve high-performing results and fully integrated engineering standards through the project life cycle and ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within scope, and allocated budget.


With our Vision and approach, PMIS always seeks at the latest trends in business field with the aim of continuous development and growth to achieve the goals and requirements of our Clients in line with the future by providing scientific and practical solutions high-value, high-impact solutions, and measurable, sustainable results , as consultant (company) seeks to provide a complete, integrated and comprehensive group of professional services that can be efficiently tailored to suit individual Clients’ goals, objectives and requirements.


Our values of professionalism, integrity, excellence, learning, partnership, responsibility, Business Growth, Continuous Improvement, safety, and competition are the prime base to our principles and our approach in everything that we achieve.


“The Policy of PMIS  is to identify aspects which may have a significant impact on the environment and establish adequate control measures in offices and at project sites.  We work closely with our Clients to implement and sustain a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program.

Using a total project approach, PMIS strives to set a benchmark for excellence in the protection provide a safe & healthy working environment for all our employees and stakeholders in addition to meet Client’s OHS objectives and goals. PMIS is committed to attain the highest standard in OHS performances and in continuous pursuit of good governance of the same, PMIS corporate OHS Head office provides support to ensure compliance of OHS requirements during various stages of the project.

PMIS has a robust OHS Management System framework and Support Centre is committed to further strengthening it with required support to various work locations. Project Management International Systems is certified for ISO 14001 & 45001.”

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