The process of Construction Management treats the planning, design and construction phases of a project as integrated tasks rather than separate functions. Using this project delivery method, we apply the latest management techniques to planning, design and construction so that time, cost and quality are assured for the owner. At the inception of a project, our firm formulates critical project decisions into a coordinated and objective plan. This includes the formation of a project team comprised of the owner, designer and construction manager who offers construction expertise during the design phase to monitor and control the design and construction efforts, producing the desired completed facility.


To plan, monitor and control the design and construction efforts to produce the desired completed facility while meeting a prescribed budget and schedule.

Scope of Services

To ensure that this comes about, we provide the following services to its clients:

  • Administer Progress Meetings
  • Provide Procedures Manuals Prepare of Safety Program
  • Coordinate Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Provide Contract Administration Assist with Permits and Licenses
  • Assist with Bonding and Insurance
  • Preparation of Document Control System
  • Provide Claims Evaluation
  • Prepare Project Scheduling
  • Provide Project Accounting
  • Provide Quality Control
  • Assist with Change Orders
  • Provide Supervision
  • Provide Inspections
  • Process Payments
  • Coordinate Commissioning and Turnover
  • Perform Occupancy Schedule
  • Provide Project Reporting
  • Perform Project Records
  • Perform and Review Punch List/Snag List
  • Assist with Certificate of Occupancy
  • Warranty Duties
  • Administer Operations and Maintenance
  • Prepare Final Accounting
  • Coordinate Move In