PMO Services

Project management Office (PMO) Services

PMIS has proven professional and extensive experience in the field of project and construction management, with vast experience in conducting of feasibility studies, value engineering, cost management, contract management, including healthcare and claims management. PMIS has rendered absolute assistance for various clients to build and sustain Organizational Maturity in Portfolio Management, using proven Global Best Practices.


Our team at PMIS has established new benchmarks for elevating project management capabilities for organizations, ensuring enduring success. Our comprehensive Project Management Office (PMO) services stand as the embodiment of our dedication to enhancing Clients’ organizational excellence. Through collaborative partnerships with esteemed entities like the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Kuwait National Guard (KNG), PMIS has honed its expertise, becoming integral to their project management endeavors.

PMIS as a (PMO Consultants) through the above professional services, will formalize and standardize project management procedure manual (practices, processes, and operations), thus leading to consistent, repeatable results and successful achievement of PMIS Clients’ projects’ objectives on a timely manner, the outcomes of which are aligned with business strategy with tangible benefits. The operational PMO, as a critical success factor, is envisaged to analyze and assist PMIS Clients’ in managing sector programs / projects.

As such, the PMIS will provide support, assistance, and training to our clients’ project managers, as well as prepare and issue reports to the different types of concerned stakeholders. The project PMO’s key roles, responsibilities, and objectives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improve and enhance the Project Management Offices to govern and monitor the projects, this will have included but not limited to revising the current PMO documents, guidelines, processes, templates, etc.
  • Have in place formal standard project management procedures that are adopted across all projects in the concerned sectors including the approach and methodologies for setting up PMO unit.
  • Support the project managers in their queries to successfully manage their project.
  • Generate and share regular periodic and on demand reports (status, risk, statics, etc.) to PMIS Client’s executive management.
  • Ensure the compliance of all projects with PMO standards and regulation
  • Develop in-house project management skills and competency framework.
  • Build practices and conduct knowledge transfer for our client’s staff and sectors project managers.
  • Evaluate and assess outputs and results of international economic and cooperation agreements signed by PMIS Clients with international development entities.

In addition, PMIS team will support our clients’ in:

  • Developing policy and procedures related to waste management, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
  • Developing guidelines and regulations in line with Governmental entities related to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain regulations and law and use as framework for all future projects.

PMIS shall develop, among other deliverables, the following:

  • Project Organizational Management and Project Control System.
  • Project Management Plan (PMP) / Project Procedures Manual.
  • Program / Schedule Management.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Tender Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance.
  • Establish and Setup a Project Management Office Unit (PMO).
  • Establish Strategic Alignment of programs and projects.
  • Program and Project Management Support or Direct Execution.
  • Balance PMIS Clients’ portfolio addressing risk, priorities, resources, and financials.
  • Data Analysis of PMIS Client’s Portfolio information.
  • Building a high level of Organizational Project Management Maturity.
  • Better alignment of project activity and business strategy and investments
  • Formalize and standardize project management procedure manual (practices, processes, and operations).
  • Implement a more consistent project management process and methodology.
  • Provide executive visibility to project, program and portfolio-level status, issues, risks, costs, etc.
  • Conduct and finalize the required Consultancy Studies.
  • Establish reporting system for reports on progress and status of PMIS Client’s project and programs.
  • Capacity Building, Development and Technology transfer to ensure resource pool is trained and competent to meet business needs.
  • Facilitate better collaboration and knowledge and best-practice sharing.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: PMIS improves access to project information, enabling Client’s executive management to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data. Informed decisions lead to strategic choices, ensuring Client’s projects are always on the right track.
  • Comprehensive Progress Reports: We provide detailed reports on project progress, achievements, resource utilization, risks, and issues, enhancing visibility and facilitating strategic planning. Our reports serve as a roadmap for continuous improvement, ensuring Client’s projects evolve dynamically.
  • Improved Oversight and Risk Mitigation: PMIS enhances management’s oversight, ensuring visibility on problems, risks, and issues. Proactive measures are taken to avoid or mitigate potential impacts, fostering a culture of risk-aware decision-making and ensuring project resilience.
  • Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement: We foster a project management mindset across Client’s organization, developing the capabilities of Client’s staff and project managers through targeted training and mentorship. Our goal is to empower Clients’ team, ensuring they are equipped to handle complex challenges with confidence and competence.
  • Assurance of Project Success: PMIS assures the success of all construction programs under Client’s portfolio, ensuring seamless knowledge transfer and expertise continuity within Client’s organization. Our commitment is to secure not just short-term victories but to lay the foundation for enduring project success.
  • Regulatory Enhancement and Compliance: We collaborate to secure regulatory approvals, assess existing industrial regulations, and work towards improving the legal and regulatory environment for Client’s industrial projects. Compliance is at the core of our services, ensuring Client’s projects operate within the bounds of the law.
  • Strategic Guidance: PMIS provides clear guidance and a roadmap for Client’s investment horizon, outlining phased approaches, concurrent initiatives, partnerships, and financing setups tailored to Client’s needs. Our strategic guidance ensures Client’s projects align with Client’s organizational goals, maximizing return on investment.

The following is a list of Mandatory PMO Operation core team requirements to perform and achieve the absolute Business Value & Goals