Healthcare Management

Applying the latest management techniques

The core objective of planning and design review is transforming a healthcare facility into an integrated patient-centered organization that is built upon international standards, a safe working environment and optimal operations.
We aim at achieving operational excellence and facilitating the international accreditation of your facility. The reviews conducted by our experts, are based on the most stringent internationally recognized health facility guidelines, best practices and local health facility guidelines. PMIS will carry out consultancy services, review the medical planning and programs made by the A/E; in addition to all other submittals during design and construction. The scope of services covers but is not limited to the following:

  • Review of space program, medical equipment, drawings, schedules, special equipment, lab design and specifications prepared by the A/E
  • Review and validate the Functional Space Program and compare Key Planning Units and Occupancy Indicators to the client’s requirements.
  • Review and validate the blocking and stacking diagrams developed by the A/E in their Concept Design Submittal.
  • Review and validate healthcare specific narratives developed by the A/E in their Concept Design Submittal and provide recommendations.
  • Review and validate the Schematic and Design Development Layouts developed by the A/E for healthcare functionality.
  • Review departmental layouts developed by the A/E & Contractor to ensure compliance with efficient and effective patient care.
  • Review A/E and Contactors’ design, documents, and submittals to ensure that they follow contract requirements.
  • Review and monitor the A/E and Contactors’ submittals for medical equipment and provide recommendations to the client.
  • Supervise all the healthcare and medical equipment related installation activities at site.