Development and Maintenance of Existing and Upgrading to INET – MPW

Project Info


Location             State of Kuwait         

Client Name      Ministry of Public Works (MPW)

End User            Ministry of Public Works (MPW)

Services             IT Consultancy Services

                            – Onsite modernization and re-engineering of existing Software Applications completely.

                            – Onsite & ongoing specialized technical & operational maintenance and support of the

                              existing systems and the newly developed ones as well.

                            – Implement a new strategy & development Microsoft Methodology.

                              The Following Systems to be implemented and updated:

                                – Archive Systems                       – Budgeting System

                                – Leaves Systems                        – Legal System

                                – Finance System                         – Job Titles System

Project Duration
Start Date: Aug.- 2016
Completion Date: Mar.- 2021

Project Value: 120,000/– KD

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